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Professional retouching software

Many software developers have come up with photo retouching software for professional and amateur photographers. However, very few programs combine high efficiency with user-friendly interface. Typically, high-quality programs that yield truly professional results are very difficult to use and require special skills. Easy-to-use programs, in their turn, are mainly targeted at amateur users and yield poor quality results.

But now you can get both, professional pictures and simple interface, thanks to Photo Retoucher by SoftOrbits! Photo Retoucher allows to remove unwanted objects and people from photos, restore old photographs, retouch portraits, and more. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on the "Download" button to become the owner of Photo Retoucher
  2. Install this retouching software following the instructions of the setup wizard
  3. Launch the program
  4. Upload images you want to retouch by using the “Add files” button
  5. Use one or more retouch tools enabled in Photo Retoucher
  6. Save the results and enjoy!

Photo Retoucher features built-in retouch manual (available in the Help – Contents section), online demo, and other useful help options. Download Photo Retoucher now and see how simple and quick digital retouching can be!

About is a project of SoftOrbits award winning software development company. SoftOrbits was founded in 2006 to develop tools and utilites for home users. By focusing on a several products, directing our efforts towards its development and support, and minimizing corporate overhead, we deliver maximum value to our customers.

Our goal is to create convenient, high-performance, and most effective photo retouch software. Hundreds of thousands of people using our software have made the right choice. Our services are recognized among OISV, SWRUS, ISDEF members.

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